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In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


-         Laser-Diode Modules with small focal spots.


Our existing suppliers announced:


-         1*9 transceivers, SFF, SFP, dual connectors or Bidi, applied in Ethernet, PDH/SDH/SONET/CWDM, FTTX/CCTV  from

-         2.5Gbps SFP, including Bidi from

-         RoHS compliance from

-         1064nm Top-Hat set from as per  

-         1X7 MM coupler from

-         ASE Ultra stable light-source from

-         3 posters on Resistive Glass products resistive glass Ion optics and High Pressure detectors from released at the Pittcon and available from IL Photonics in PDF form. Please reply to this message with: "Send Burle posters".


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