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Dear Photonics Professionals


In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


-         IR sources that can be modulated till 30 Hz from

-         CCD Camera  1/3" 1280X1024

-         Laser 532nm 10W


Our existing suppliers announced:


-         Electron Multiplier Selection guide for replacement in Mass Spectrometers from

-         Ultra-Fast TOF Detector for Mass Spectrometry, speed doubled, price remained the same, from  

-         GCA for X-Ray Collimation applications from

-         Free Electro-Optics handbook 246 pages from , if you wish to receive a copy, please reply to this e-mail with the subject line: Send Electro-Optics handbook.

-         High Voltage Power Supply from

-         New 450 Mb Opto-Mechanics Catalog with much wider offering from 

-         New Free samples arrived of the Cleaning Liquid. Cleaning the dirtiest and roughest optical surfaces from . If you wish to receive a FREE SAMPLE, please reply to this e-mail with the subject line: Send Cleaning Liquid FREE Sample.


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