Subject: IL Photonics DEC 04 newsletter


Dear Photonics Professionals


In November:


We added to our portfolio:


-                     CO2 Laser optics from

-                     DPSS Lasers (266, 355, 457, 473, 501, 532, 556, 671, 946, 1053, 1319 and 1444nm) from


Our off the shelf optics catalog:


-                     For 2005 has been released with an average drop of 13% in price. Expect now up to 50% lower prices than from a popular catalog and 25% of a "low-cost" catalog.

-                     Includes now Hot / Cold mirrors and other new products

-                     Ask for your copy by replying to this mail and write in the subject line "Send optics catalog".


Our existing suppliers announced:


-                     An Ethernet 3M-pixel camera from

-                     A 808 die LED assembly from

-            offers a 20% discount on most of its CCTV lenses if ordered before 31/12/04


End of the year discount from our stock (valid till 31/12 as long as in stock)


-                     Laser-diode module from  LM6535MS4D, Line 658nm, 14.75mW, Fan Angle 45 degrees, line height < 0.1mm if focused on 300mm, 980 NIS + 17% VAT.

-                     Laser-diode module from  LM7805MD, Round Spot, 780nm, 2.5mW, (focus adjustable but) set to 0.1*0.1mm at 300mm, 275 NIS + 17% VAT

-                     Laser-diode module from  LM6505MDM, Round Spot, 655nm, 2.5mW (focus adjustable but) set to 0.1*0.1mm at 300mm, 350 NIS + 17% VAT

-                     A 420TV line 1/4" Board camera with Sony Super HAD CCD from  at NIS 500 + 17% VAT


An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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