Subject: IL Photonics - Feb 05 Newsletter


Dear Photonics Professionals,

In January


We completed:

- The 2005 Off-The-Shelf optics catalog and Pricelist (37 pages / 1Mb). Ask your digital and/or hard copy by replying to this e-mail and writing in the subject-line: "Send 2005 catalog". The Catalog features:

· Very Reasonable Prices

· High Quality

· Many parts available

· Minimum order 1 piece

· Clear Specifications

· Easy to Use

We added to our portfolio:


- Tele-Centric Lenses and illuminators from

- CO2 Laser replacement parts from

Our existing suppliers announced:


- High radiant power 505nm and pure green 530nm LED based arrays from

- Super Bright Ring-lights from

- Low Cost ND filters

- Custom Dichroic Beam combiners < $1k per 10.

- High power (1W) LD-Modules from

- LED to 1mm fiber coupler from

An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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