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High Lights:



UV RAMAN Edge Filters O S


Ceramic reflector for IPL O


RTP crystals for Q-Switch O


NIR Camera Lenses O C


Telescopes for Laser-diodes / 532nm DPSS M2 1.15 0.2mR Full Angle O L



1.3 Megapixel Color Digital BT656 Output Board

1.3 Megapixel Color Digital BT656 Output Board Camera, Optimizes Throughput Into DSP Video Processors C




InGaAs Extended till 2.6um D


Multi frame Streak-Tube D



Miniature Lamps UV-VIS-NIR-IR L


Laser-diodes 5.6mm 9mm 630+-980nm L


532nm module M2 1.15 0.2mR Full Angle 0.2mR Full Angle O L


Laboratory Driver for lasers / laser-diodes/coolers at introductory price at ~ 1000 Euro L


Excess Inventory of components

Many types now in stock including, butterfly packages (empty) and Linear InGaAs detectors. L F D


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IL photonics plans to exhibit at the Hi-Tech exhibition next to the Oasis Seminar March 16th and 17th in the Israeli trade-fairs in Tel Aviv. The program of the seminar and invitation to the exhibition are attached.


Featured company


FiberTech Optica

FiberTech Optica is all about solutions. We solve your problems, even the tough ones. We do it quickly and we do it well. To us, providing the best solution is a sure-fire way to keep you coming back for more.

Bulk fibers



needle probe.JPG

Custom Solutions








In the world of fiber optics, many problems can be solved with standard assemblies employing standard optical fibers, and we, as well as many other companies, can help you there. In some cases, however, the best solution requires the capability to produce a custom fiber, which is then incorporated into a unique, single-purpose assembly. With years of experience in both, this is where FiberTech Optica excels. We feel as much at ease supplying excellent bulk fiber as manufacturing cables incorporating hundreds, even thousands of individually manipulated optical fibers.

Our fused silica based fibers come in a huge range of combinations of sizes, numerical apertures, core-to-clad ratios and coatings, specifically tailored to your application requirements.

Then, we can combine those fibers with additional optical and mechanical components, wires, tubes, sheathing and appropriate adhesives to produce assemblies that solve your problem and fit within your budget.

If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don't include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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