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High Lights:



Telecentric lenses

CCTV Lenses

UV Objective Lenses.

Made in Japan form  O C


Waveplates Excellent quality at great prices O

Multi-Order Series Reference Prices.pdf
Low-Order and Dual Wavelength Series Reference Prices .pdf
Optical Contacted Zero-Order Series Reference Prices.pdf

For more information on these wave plates, you can visit the wave plate section page.


Plastic Optics



InGaAs Photodiode arrays(1x256, 1x512)  at ~50% of price (excess stock) D S


Fiber Optics

From Stock (DDP not including $10 delivery/order, as long as in stock)






6mm core 1m long plastic



6mm core 1m long Glass



8mm core 0.5m long Glass 2 branches



50mm ring 1m long Glass



150W Halogen Source



Light sources


Halogen Fiber Light 150W available from stock $230 +15.5% VAT  L



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IL photonics plans to exhibit at the Oasis exhibition March 16th and 17th in the Israeli trade-fairs in Tel Aviv


Featured company



UltiQuest Technology is a leading manufacturer of optical components in China, Headquartered in Shanghai and founded in 1999. UltiQuest Technology offers a broad range of innovative optics and crystals components products from UV to IR region along with supporting coating service. The company's goal is to become a premier supplier of high quality and precision optics for commercial, defense, Aerospace, education lab and broadband communication industry as well.

We commit to customer total satisfaction by continuously improving our technical core, effectively enforcing strict quality control in the whole process, and aggressively pursuing and incorporating all the possible technology and equipment that are available today to provide competitive product to meet customers' rising demand for differentiation.

UltiQuest's core technology includes YVO4 crystal growing, glass and crystal optics cutting, polishing, coating, and the state-of-the-art automation technology for cutting-edge micro optics assembly. At the same time, we hold special polishing techniques on infrared material. Their surface can be reach 10-5 scratch and dig as top quality. It will be most satisfaction with customer who are looking for special requirements and application.

Manufacture Capability:
Our facilities are dedicated to manufacturing the highest quality products in the industry. For now, we provide fabrication and coating of plano, spherical, elliptical, toroidal, and prismatic optics from a wide range of glasses, fused silica, and crystalline materials such as quartz, indium antimonide, zinc selenide, zinc sulfide,, silicon, and many metals. We fabricate components in sizes ranging from 5mm diameter to 300mm diameter. Our technicians routinely hold figure tolerances of 1/10 wave or better, angular tolerances of < 1 arc second, and surface quality of 10/5 or better. For more, please refer to our tolerance list page.

Custom fabrication is performed routinely. If you are unable to find the specific optical element or coating you require within our web pages, please contact us with your requirement for a prompt quotation.



BK7 Windows

UV Fused Silica Windows

Sapphire Windows

CaF2 Windows

ZnSe Windows

Ge Windows

Large Wedge


Plano-Convex Lens

Bi-Convex Lens

Plano-Concave Lens

Bi-Concave Lens

Meniscus Lenses

Cylindrical Lenses

Right-Angle Prisms

Penta Prisms

Beamsplitter Penta

Dove Prisms

Roof Prisms

Porro Prisms

Corner Cube Prisms

Amorphic Prisms

Plate Beamsplitters

Cube Beamsplitters

Polarizing Beamsplitters

Multi-Order Waveplates

Zero-Order Waveplates

Achromatic Waveplates

Dual wavelength Waveplate

Absorptive ND Filters

Metallic ND Filters

Interference Filters

Birefringent Filters Optics

Laser Quality Windows

Laser Quality Prisms

Laser Mirrors

Laser Spherical Mirrors

Diode Pump Laser Optics Kits

Coating Selection Review Optics

YVO4 Birefringent Wedges
for Fiber-Optic Isolators

YVO4 Beam Displacer for

Fiber Waveplates

Fiber Collimator Data

Characteristic Of Glass Materials

Characteristic Of Optical Crystals

Our capabilities

Main Optical Formulas



If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don't include 15.5% VAT, Ask for a quote on any product.

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