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High Lights:




Beam Expander from Anteryon 11-23-40X expander for 532nm  laser and others (Datasheet attached)




1.3 Mpx cooled camera with GBe (Ethernet) interface, (datasheet attached)

6 Mpx cooled CCD Camera 14 bit  

1kx1k  and 2k x2k 24x24um pixel camera 

Intensified fast CMOS camera 5000 FPS 512x512 pixels 

Software for analyses fast cameras


Videology advances the CCTV field with breakthrough TotalFocus™ technology


TotalFocus™ CCTV Lens-Camera Board Combo—Keeps Fore-, Mid- and Background All In Focus, All The Time.Ideal for Traffic & Dashboard Cameras, PVMs & Other Surveillance Applications





Lasers –Light Source - Solar


Princeton Optronics global leader in High Power VECSL’s, has been added to our Portfolio


15-100W CW and QCW  VECSL’s 808/976nm and HIGHER POWER

8x8 VECSL array’s

and many more


150mW Super continuum laser


CW 355nm 10mW  laser


5W QCW 355nm laser


Industrial DPSS green 100 watts few ns pulses


Low power 532nm low divergence laser, based on Beam Expander from Anteryon 11-23-40X expander for 532nm  laser (Datasheet attached)


OEM cooler controller


Solar cell curve tracing system


Inexpensive Back light




SD-3 Eyewear protection type received CE approval


IL Photonics Hires new worker


In addition to Tamir Feldman that joined us now as a full time Sales Engineer, we look to hire an additional sales engineer with:


B.Sc. or higher in Physics or Electro-Optics

Good command of the English and Hebrew Language

Prepared to work in sales


We offer an interesting job in a young , professional and growing company

A base salary and a bonus based on the success of the company and personal achievements


You can apply by e-mail to .


Featured company


With Function Focused Innovation "Abet "brings sate of the art technology to several product families they manufacture including:

Xe Arc Lamp Sources 

Compact, innovative, integrated 150 watt Xe light sources with fast F/1.0 fused silica condensers for spectroscopy and fiber illumination. A wide range of accessories is available for manipulating the output of our sources including focusing condensers, filter wheels and optics for secondary beam focusing and spectral shaping.

 Solar Simulators 

CW Xe arc lamp based Solar Simulators with field sizes up to 8 X 8 inch. Highly efficient innovative optical system offers increased levels of uniform illumination. Full spectrum and standard spectra models for photovoltaic testing and UV erythemal edge dependent applications. 

Complete PV IV-Curve tracing software and hardware

Single Channel Detectors 

Detection systems for UV to Near IR regions of the spectrum including built-in Lock-in amplifier models. Available detectors include Si, InGaAs, Si-InGaAs Sandwich, and pyroelectric.  USB connectivity, ActiveX interface for easy integration into your application, single or dual16 bit A/D, with supporting data acquisition and control software. Easy adaptation to scanning Monochromator systems.


Standard optics include dichroic mirrors, filters, and illumination grade lenses in fused silica and BSC glass up to 300 mm (12 inch) diameter.

OEM Products 

Innovative independent modules from our line of arc based light sources and solar simulators that allow easy and cost effective integration for OEM’s.


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