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Flow tubes 

Quartz / Fused Silica

Excellent quality

Great prices

Now available from IL Photonics.

Description: Description: Clear Quartz Tube, Fused Silica Quartz, Quartz Tube



Far Infrared 2-12um NBP long pass and short pass Filters,

Now available Standard and custom

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Negative dispersion mirrors for Ultra-Fast laser technology







Tunable filters


are expected to be available from IL Photonics in Q4/12

Description: Description: Tunable Optical Filter




VisiLED ring illumination

with enhanced contrast

available from IL Photonics.


Fiber optics:


PURAVIS fiber based product

with higher transmission,

especially in the blue,

now available from IL Photonics.




Description: Description: cw Laser

266nm CW and pulsed 266/355/532/1064nm lasers.

New manuals are available from Crylas





Special Discount for orders received in JULY.


360 NIS + 16% VAT for all eyewear in stock.


380 NIS + 16% VAT for all eyewear not in stock.


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Optical systems designer/engineer with 10+ year experience available for hire - full/part time or projects.  His complete CV appears below the Featured Company section.



Call for papers / Articles.

Please send your papers in Hebrew or English to

IL Photonics plans to publish a book titled New Light – אור חדש 


This should contain articles by and/or for its customers/suppliers/staff giving 

  • New insights
  • Make sense
  • Promotes desirable values
  • Contains no Politics

It can be related to a weekly section of the Pentateuch or just out of the blue.

It is to promote peoples independent thinking, and sharing it with others. Similar to Einstein’s firstly to describe stimulated emission in a paper published 95 years ago, that enabled the development of the laser as a new type of light source.  


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EOT sells Faraday rotators/isolators and fiber collimators for laser diodes, fiber lasers and solid-state lasers, with a special emphasis on high average power and peak power applications. EOT has the knowledge, experience and manufacturing facilities to satisfy high volume and custom requirements.

EOT also stocks a complete line of high speed photodetectors for monitoring the output of pulsed, mode-locked or externally modulated lasers.


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Faraday Rotator/Isolators


The negative effects of optical feedback on laser oscillators and laser diodes have long been know. Problems include frequency instability, relaxation oscillations, amplified stimulated emission, and in some cases, optical damage. As lasers have improved, the need to protect laser oscillators and laser diodes from optical feedback has increased. A Faraday isolators' ability to allow light to pass unimpeded in one direction, while strongly attenuating light traveling in the opposite direction, eliminates the negative effects of optical feedback. Figures 1 and 2 demonstrate this fact. Figure 1 illustrates noise emission displaced 60kHz from the actual laser frequency of a mode-locked laser due to reflections from an uncoated glass surface. The noise emissions correspond to relaxation oscillations in the laser being driven by residual feedback. Figure 2 illustrates the effectiveness of EOT's Faraday isolators in eliminating this problem.


Suitable for a variety of pulsewidth measurement and pulse profiling applications. ET Series photodetectors use PIN photodiodes and a reverse bias. These photodiodes utilize the photoelectric effect to convert light energy into a electrical current. The reverse bias consists of either 3V lithium cell(s) or a wall plug in power supply, depending on the amount of bias voltage needed and the intended application of the photodetector. All photodetectors contain their own BNC or SMA output connector. Connecting the photodetector to an oscilloscope and terminating into 50Ω at the oscilloscope is all that is required for operation. Most of EOT's photodetectors can be fitted with FC fiber optic connectors for use with fiber pigtailed light sources.

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Optical systems designer/engineer with 10+ year experience is available for hire - full/part time or projects.

Contact details:  or  054-3099939


Professional Experience


·     10+ years as optical systems engineer and designer in multidisciplinary environment

·     Fields of application include communications, fiber-optics, IR imaging cameras, diffractive optics, etc.

·     Optical design with Zemax included thermal analysis and athermalization, tolerance analysis and specification, polarization analysis, geometrical and physical optics propagation, etc.

·     Managing subcontractors and defining, for suppliers, technical specs and ATP of all optical elements and subassemblies.

·     Production engineering support - Responsible for analyzing/characterizing performance results of failed product units, troubleshooting them (i.e. stress, dust, optical defect, etc.), and providing preventive solutions.

·     Extensive “hands-on” lab experience - Building bench set-ups and testing/verifying concepts, working with lasers, camera detectors, measurement devices, etc.

·     Laser Safety Officer - Responsible for learning laser eye safety standards and designing product’s laser output in accordance with favorable laser classification.                   

·        Defined in detail optical testing protocols for QA personnel and opto-mechanical alignment procedure for production workers.

·        Applications engineer – Communicated with customers to understand their system, constraints, requirements, and what they wish to achieve, and offered solutions accordingly.

·        Technical marketing - Prepared white papers, application notes and other technical documentation for internal use, marketing (website/catalogue) and per customer request.




·        B.Sc. Applied Physics & Electro-optics, (+Teaching Degree), JCT/Machon Lev.

·       B.A. PoliSci, Columbia University.


Computer Languages and Applications


      ZEMAX, OSLO, LightTools, MathCad, Matlab, Visual Basic, HTML, C++, MS Office




      Fluent in both Hebrew and English



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