6.5kW QCW VECSL array for side pumping

800W QCW VECSL Array for end pumping

500mW 808nm 0.8mm dia VECSL NA=0.16

Application of Optical trapping and tweezers with Finesse 4W 532nm Laser as published in the article: Holographic optical trapping of Aerosol droplets.

LED Light Sources

Uberled ultrabright LED light source is becoming a best seller, and has many standard configurations including:






Base Receptacle, 16mm ID



Condenser Module C12, 16mm ID



Base Receptacle, 16mm ID



Condenser Module C18, 22mm ID

Other  Light Sources   Xe CW lamps from 1kW till 8kW are now available from IL Photonics

Electronics High Voltage low current power supplies with low ripple are now available


New application note for displacement sensor in liquid as in

DPSS Lasers Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high power, short wavelength, solid state lasers.

Superior reliability, unparalleled performance and world-class customer care are key elements in our continued success.

DPSS offers low-cost lasers and system solutions to a wide variety of industrial, scientific and research applications.

In its ongoing tradition of leading the market in progressive technology, DPSS Lasers continues to invest in new technologies and system designs to broaden the range of lasers available to our customers. We believe that solid state laser technologies can access opportunities in a wide range of manufacturing and other processes that have been inaccessible to date because of the relative inefficiency and poor reliability of conventional short wavelength laser technologies.

·               Series 3500 quasi-cw lasers are widely used as a replacement for short wavelength CW Argon-ion lasers, in such applications as rapid prototyping or molecular uncaging.

·               Series 3500 high power lasers, with an order of magnitude more peak power than the quasi-cw systems, are used in micro-machining of thin film materials for electronic and medical device markets.

Our current product line includes the Series 3500 laser (patent # 6,002,695), which is typically optimized for either near cw (very high repetition rate), or high peak power operation, depending on the user's application.

DPSS Lasers was originally established as a DPSS Laser group within LiCONiX. We began operating as a separate, privately held company in September 1998 with an accomplished team of engineers, scientists and a field-proven, high power DPSS laser already in production. Our Series 3500 model was the first UV laser on the market to achieve powers over 3 Watts. It has already won several industry awards for innovation and DPSS has firmly established ourselves as the world's leading supplier of quasi-cw 355nm solid state lasers.

In addition, the DPSS Lasers Inc. product line includes the Samurai UV for marking and micro-machining.

Our lasers offer the best of both worlds; the proven advantages of solid state architecture fused with the latest advancements in Micro-technology.

DPSS Lasers introduced the Samurai UV Laser Marking System. It is the first marking system specifically designed for UV lasers at 355 nm. It takes advantage of the short UV wavelength to provide a small spot size and a large depth of focus. UV lasers also take advantage of the cold marking process not requiring high average powers and allowing damage free marking on many materials. The Samurai marking system is also capable of UV ablation and engraving on many materials. Such materials include: wires, metals, sapphire, glass, diamond, polyamides, PCBs, coatings, ITO removal, silicon wafers, ceramics, plastics, fiber, paper, etc.

There is a free application lab available, you can send your samples to Il Photonics and request for Specific marks on your products for potential Samurai Buyers.

Offerings of DPSS include:

QCW 355nm lasers 100mW – 5W

CW 355nm lasers till 200mW

UV Laser Marking systems 1W-3W

2 CV’s this time. One from a Ph.D. from Yale and MBA from the Technion
and one  
B. Sc. Electro- Optics from JCT.
(You can also request to add your CV to the end of our next newsletter by writing to and write in the subjection addCV and attaching your CV).

The content is on the responsibility of the submitter only.    M:+972(54)2294943


Graduated from Yale University with a Ph.D. in chemical physics and an MBA from the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology.  Veteran of two technological startups with extensive experience in a wide variety of technological fields:  Worked on projects involving chemistry, physics, optics and lasers, electronics, and material processing.  With a wide scope of interests and knowledge as well as excellent organizational and interpersonal skills, is ideally suited for work in multidisciplinary business and engineering environments.  Particularly skilled in bridging the gap of engineering languages and cultures between disparate fields.


Research Scientist – Technion, Haifa, Israel – 2009-2010

Fellow in the neural interface engineering laboratory of Prof. Shy Shoham.  Responsible for the implementation and improvement of laser and optics based experiments.  Worked on the design of a vision prosthetics that would allow patients losing eyesight from macular degeneration to regain partial vision.

CTO - Israel, Arkema, Israel — 2008

Arkema is a large multinational corporation that was spun off the French Total oil industrial giant.  Our role in Israel was to find emerging technologies that could benefit from cooperation with Arkema in the fields of materials.  Focus has been in the fields of photovoltaics, advanced polymers, and water.


Optical System Engineer, bTendo, Kfar Saba, Israel — 2006-2008

bTendo is developing a miniature video projector to be embedded into mobile electronics such as cell phones, personal media players, etc.  I designed the basic optical layout and defined the critical parameters necessary for the implementation of such a product.    

Business Development, Mempile, Neve Ilan, Israel — 2004-2005

Technological Coordination Manager, Mempile, Neve Ilan, Israel — 2002-2004

Head of Optics Division, Mempile, Neve Ilan, Israel — 2000-2002

Mempile was a company developing a next generation optical storage device (similar to the CD, DVD, or Blu-Ray) but with much higher capacity.  I initially worked as the head of the optics division, setting up the laser and material-testing laboratory.  When the company opened an R&D office in the USA, I acted as the technological coordinator between the optics and chemistry groups in Israel, and the engineering facility in Colorado.  This involved the transferring of information between different engineering disciplines across cultural barriers in a highly heterogeneous environment. Finally, I spent the last year working on business development and strategic planning writing documents such as business plans and white papers.

Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel — 1997-2000

Worked on ultrafast photochemistry experiments in the laboratories of Prof. Sandy Ruhman.

Doctoral Candidate, Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA — 1990-1997

Performed research on nonlinear optical spectroscopy under the advisement of Prof. P. H. Vaccaro.


2010, MBA – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

               Winner of the 2010 Eli Hurvitz case competition of Tel Aviv University

1997, Ph.D.; Chemical Physics – Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA        

1992, M.S.; Physical Chemistry – Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA

1990, B.Sc.; Chemistry – Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv, Israel

1987 – Israeli Bagrut


Extensive R&D experimental experience in diverse areas such as high power, ultrafast, and diode lasers; data acquisition; optic design (Zemax); numerical computation; vacuum systems; chemistry and materials, etc.  Very good communication and writing skills.


Fluent in English, Hebrew, and French. Studied and lived in the United States, Belgium and Israel.  Limited knowledge of Dutch and Spanish.

Personal Details

Born 25 July 1969, Single.  Belgian and Israeli citizen.  Made aliyah 31 March 2004.

References and publication lists will be provided at request; Publication list also available on website.


טלפון:   054-7628518

השכלה :

2004-2008 מכון לב,תואר ראשון במחלקה לפיסיקה שימושית\הנדסת אלקטרו-אופטיקהB.Sc .

1997-2001 תיכון "Yavne" פריז,מגמה מדעית שכללה הרחבה במקצועות מתמטיקה, פיסיקה,כימיה וביולוגיה וכן תעודת בגרות מלאה.

               יו"ר ועד תלמידים בבי"ס.

ניסיון תעסוקתי:

          03/201102/2009- ביטל טכנולוגיות בע"ם Bitel Technologies Ltd      

מהנדס אופטיקה,התפקיד כלל תמיכה טכנית ללקוחות,ניהול מערך ספקים  בחו"ל,כתיבת הצעות מחיר,ביצוע משא ומתן,הפקת הזמנות,הסכמים מול ספקים,ניסיון במכירות וביקור בתערוכות בעולם.

11/2007-02/2008   שלם הנדסה ומערכות מידע   Shalem-Eng

         עבודת סטודנט כללה מדידות הנדסיות של מכלולים אופטיים מכניים עבור                  

חברת אופיר אופטרוניקהבע"מ.

כישורים :

יסודי,חרוץ,יכולת עבודה בצוות,יכולת עבודה תחת לחץ.

שליטה טובה ביישומי מחשב שונים ואינטרנט.

שירות צבאי:

התגייסתי כחייל בודד לוחם לצה"ל לגדוד 931 בחטיבת הנח"ל.

בתום הטירונות הובחנתי כחייל מצטיין והוצע לי לעבור לשירות בגדס"ר החטיבתי ביחידת עורב נח"ל.

תרומה לקהילה :

2005-2008 רכז מתנדבים בארגון "לתת",ירושלים.

2006-2007 "יד- שרה", מחלקת "אלקטרו-מכני",בדיקות צב"ד רפואי.

2005-2007 במסגרת פרויקט "פרח" חינכתי קבוצות תלמידים בבית ספר יסודי בירושלים.

1999-2001 מדריך בתנועת הנוער "בני עקיבא" פריז, צרפת.


עברית:שוטפת,אנגלית:רמה גבוהה,צרפתית:שפת אם.

ממליצים: שמות ממליצים ומכתבי המלצה יימסרו ע"פ דרישה.

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