NIR extended light source for
Photofluor II NIR for Cy7, IRDye 800, AlexaFluor 750,
iRFP and other applications


PHOTONIS introduces a Long-Life, Low Noise (L3N) option, on any of its MCP's. 

The L3N option gives up to 100 x less background noise. The new low noise option is ideal for applications where the background noise of the specific application is currently lower than the detector noise.   Recent tests confirmed that, at 0.01 counts/second/cm2, the L3N MCP dark count level approaches the background level of cosmic rays.   L3N MCPs had previously been developed by PHOTONIS as a custom product, and has been deployed in a number of space exploration missions, including the Chandler X-Ray Telescope.  Other applications include low level imaging and high energy physics research.

The L3N option is also being made available on any currently manufactured product by PHOTONIS which contains MCPs, including items such as specialty Stripline MCPs, Advanced Performance Detectors and Time-of-Flight Detectors.  The Long-Life, Low Noise performance option must be specified at time of order.

Machine Vision Lenses and lightning

IL Photonics started promoting Machine vision equipment from

532nm Ultra low noise

Torus continually tracked longitudinal mode eliminates mode-hop.532nm 50-500mW.The Torus 532nm laser, the markets only frequency locked SLM laser that eliminates mode hop and drift, is now available at 750mW. The increased power allows an increased range of applications such as stand-off Raman spectroscopy, interferometry and LIDAR, and offers higher processing speeds in fields such as holography. The torus features outstanding specifications including a coherence length of over 100m and a line-width of under 1MHz.ravelling-wave cavity gives ultra-low noise output.

Epitex Supperbeam LED, FL Series Offer High Radiant Intensity Comparable to High Power SMD at Fraction of Cost.

Epitex Superbeam LED, FL is a high power LED consist of a 800 micron die mounted on specially designed 4 pin lead frame, which allows it to be operated at a pulsed current of 4 A under 4.5V for a stable long life.   FL's extra large superbeam lens makes its radaint intensity comparable to many of high power SMD, though its cost is similar to more economical thru-hole LEDs  FL's vastile package and high radiant intensity are well suited for licence recognition and other ITS applicaatons.  FL has also been qualifed for various machine vison applications.  
Part No. lP (nm)  
FL630-3532 630 Product Catalog
FL660N-03-50 660 Product Catalog
FL710-03-80 710 Product Catalog 
FL735-03-80 735 Product Catalog
FL750-03-80 750 Product Catalog
FL760-03-80 760 Product Catalog
FL810N-03-80 810 Product Catalog 
FL830-03-80 830 Product Catalog 
FL850-03-80 850 Product Catalog 
FL870-03-80 870 Product Catalog 
FL880-03-80 880 Product Catalog 
FL940-03-80 940 Product Catalog 

Reflectron lenses used in Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers 

PHOTONIS got a patent related to resistive glass tubes that enables creating a solid-piece Reflectron lens in TOF mass spectrometers.. These are used in Time-of-Flight (TOF) mass spectrometers to create an electrostatic field to alter ion flow, providing for a longer flight path and therefore greater resolution.  Current reflectron-type TOF-MS instruments use complex multi-piece stacked ring assemblies which carry time-consuming assembly and cleaning processes. They also require the use of a voltage divider in each layer to reverse ion direction.

A reflectrion lens made with resistive glass provides a solid assembly replacement for a stacked ring assembly yet provides the same ability to alter ion flow, becoming a form-fit-function replacement for the multi-piece stacked ring assemblies.  Additionally, the solid resistive glass piece provides for simpler cleaning and replacement.

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