Subject: IL Photonics - May 04 Newsletter

Dear Photonics Professionals

In April we added to our portfolio:

-       Plastic Stock and Custom from

o       As an example: 25.1mm Dia, EFL=42.3, qty 100 $1.90/pc, qty 2k $0.68/pce FOB.)

-       Glass Stock and Custom from

-       Monochromators, (focal length from 40mm to 1000mm) from

-       2 channel Spectrometers from

-       Solid State lasers from

-       Confocal Microscope from

-       Laser Element Analyzer from

-       Optics, laser crystals and visualizers from

-       Filter wheels and Shutters from

In April our existing Suppliers announced:


-       De-stocking discounts from a large number of Amplifiers and Fiber Lasers from (

-       1X40 and 1X32 Planar Couplers from (

-       1310/1490/1550 video overlay WDM's (

-       A new catalog from 

-       A Laser diode Module at $5 at qty's of 1k and also good prices at single piece qty's.

An updated product list has been attached for your reference.

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