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This month’s Highlights:



1x101 1D diffractive beam-splitter now available as standard element


Lasers + Light sources

VECSL 4kW/cm2 QCW devices at 808 nm-Demonstrating over a chip that will deliver 100W QCW over an emitting area of 0.025 cm2.   


Released This week, reasonably priced Fiber Coupled Lasers.


Key Features:
• Stabilized wavelength
• Low Optical Noise
• TTL Modulation (Optional)
• Multi Mode Fiber Coupling
• LED display
• Bio-Medical Instrument
• Flow Cytometry
• DNA Sequence
• Scientific Research
• Raman Spectroscopy


Available LD module and LD price lists, Please reply to this e-mail within the subject line Price list LD / LD modules to received these.


LD’s 808nm 1W,

LD’s 850nm 10mw,50mw, 100mw, 300mw, 500mw.


LED Illuminators (470nm 450nm or 400nm, or R , G or white). With a single aspheric condenser lens that has an adjustable lens distance. They come complete with adjustable current control built into the unit and controlled by the potentiometer on the end.


Cameras / Imaging

Last chance to get evaluation camera of the SWIR 900-1700nm, please respond to this e-mail within the subject line SWIR for a demo.


IL Photonics started to represent leader in 3D imaging software.


Fiber optics

Interferometers for fiber optic and small areas inspection.


Distance measurements

Fiber optics sensors have now lower noise levels and therefore better resolution as in the new datasheets 


PSD’s with built in amplifiers


More News


IL Photonics will exhibit 13/12/09 at the IPS2009 in www.BIU.AC.IL  more info here.



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Featured company


Philtec (With RM Photonics)


Fiber Optics displacement sensors


For Non-Contact measurements of Distance, Displacement  and vibrations.


In case you need to measure distances/vibrations/displacements in hard to reach areas fiber-optics sensors are likely the solution. Philtec is considered word leader in this field with excellent accuracy and resolution. There exist a long list of standard modules and available options, and Philtec is also flexible with accommodating to  the specific needs of a customer.


Look for more details in the brochure and more info on applications in vacuum in this presentation.



If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don't include 16.5% VAT, special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.

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