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This month’s Highlights:



World’s Finest Optical Filters, now diced Filters on tape (to 5x5mm or other dimensions) best quality  (T> 90%, OD5) reasonable prices.


Optical contact beam-splitter cube for high power 1064nm application, and damage threshold of 15J/CM^2 20NS,20HZ


Lasers + Light sources

532nm laser pointer at $64 + 16.5% VAT DDP.


Solar simulator at $5100 FOB (1 Sun over 35mm dia)


LED-Fiber source


QTH Fiber source at $318 + 16.5% VAT DDP


5W average power 355nm laser


Cameras / Imaging

Multi frame streak tube/system, with target of 16 images with one tube


5MPx Monochrome camera at $780 + $89 shipping


HICAM 5000 is capable of capturing 5.000 frames per second with a resolution of 512 x 512 pixels. Using the new smart framing technology a frame rate of 10.000 fps at full resolution can be achieved.


3D Software for analyses of any 3D data.



id Quantique is proud to announce a REDUCED noise level for its id201 single photon detection module at NIR wavelength. The ultra low noise id201 detectors have now dark count rate (DCR) as following:


DCR < 8 x 10-6 /ns of gate


single mode fiber input (SMF)

DCR < 1.5 x 10-5 /ns of gate


multi mode fiber input (MMF)


Fiber Optic displacement sensors for aerospace and Cryogenics and other applications  


Fiber Optics

2d to 2d Arrays of 2x100 fibers.


New Catalogs


Ask your hard copy by replying to this newsletter within the subject line please send the xxxx catalog.


International Light Radiometers / Photometers

Photonis MCP or MCP based detectors

VDS High End Cameras

Crystech Optics

Philtec Fiberoptic Displacement sensors


More News


Eli Vilge joins IL Photonics as Sales Engineer, reachable at  and 050-4564090.


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Featured company


Laser Quantum (With RM Photonics)


UK Made CW lasers


Laser Quantum is a world-class manufacturer of high quality solid-state laser sources. Our products are known throughout the world for reliability, compactness, performance-excellence and long operational lifetime. You'll find our products in scientific laboratories and integrated in systems and machines world-wide.


High quality (SM and MM)

High Power,

Low Noise

Optional long coherence length

Robust design

Large choice (from 10mW till 5W, 355-1064)

Reasonable Prices

Large installed base in Israel



Typical Applications serviced





Aziza Ciel Elite Excel Finesse 10W Finesse 4W Finesse 5W Finesse 6W Finesse 7W Finesse 8W Forte Gem Ignis Opus 2W Opus 3W Torus



 Ventus IR 1047nm Ventus IR 1053nm Ventus IR 1064nm Ventus VIS 523nm Ventus VIS 527nm Ventus VIS 532nm <500mW Ventus VIS 532nm >500mW

This sytems is ideal for optical pumping

RemoteVu software suite: allows complete remote control of the laser system through a user-friendly interface.

RemoteCAL allows access to the system via an internet connection.

If not advised otherwise the prices are DDP, Israel and don't include 16.5% VAT, special actions maybe conditioned as long as in stock or till a certain date. Ask for a quote on any product.

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