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This Month’s Highlights



Photonis introduces Multi frame Streak camera with images ~1.5nS apart. This outperforms Framing Cameras in speed and length of sequence (50 VGA like, 15 Mpx)




4 MPixel High Speed CMOS Camera with 200 fps




Family of Linux Based Embedded H.264 & JPEG IP Server Boards


H.264 Single Channel Server


Linux embedded 42mm x 42mm, high level compression, simultaneous encode/decode A/V streams at up to 1080i @ 60fps, digital or composite video in, SD recording

USB Family

B&W/Color, 1.3 MP, D1, VGA, 1/2", 1/3", 1/4", CCD & CMOS – TWAIN, WDM, DirectX & Linux compatible





MINIATURE – 14mm x 14mm board & 17mm x 17mm box


Round Spots from Excimer Lasers. Holo-Or Creates round spots from Rectangular Excimer laser beams.



Holo-Or offers a 10% end of the year discount on any stock item in stock purchased at quantity one before 30/12/10.



Lasers and Light sources

100mW SM Round spot VECSL, M2 ~ 1.05 975m TO-Can


2mW Single-Mode 1064nm VCSEL Chip


3mW Single-Mode 808nm VCSEL Diode



Application Note on displacement sensors has been added to the Philtec website. The subject is target tilt and which sensor type is best to use.


Control Development introduces a new calibrated light-meter. The unit is NIST traceable from 300 till1095nm.


Featured company


IB Lasers from Berlin, makes various types of high power DPSS lasers.


They offer a large range of standard designs and can also offer tailor the laser to the need of the customer.


The lasers fit Industrial and research applications.


You can view a video of the corporate here

Corporate Video (10.8 MB)


You can see below an overview of their most popular products.



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