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In the past Month


We added to our portfolio:


-         Scintillator Screens


Our existing suppliers announced:


-         New DX series Scientific Cameras 16 Bit USB, cooled, starting below $4000.

-         Special offer for a 1536X1024 Kodak chip based camera at 4650 Euro +15.5$ VAT DDP Israel for only 5 cameras world wide. A formal quote is given at the bottom of this newsletter.

-         LiF Blanks  and Optical Elements

-         GaAs Blanks  and Optical Elements

-         Custom Mu Metal shields

-         Stable-Top Top-Hat elements less sensitive for misalignments from   

-         Small Inexpensive Stroboscopes at < $1000

-         Fire-Wire Mpixel cameras

-         Selected Photon Detectors with 10 or 20 Hz Dark count  


News at IL Photonics:


-         IL Photonics plans to Exhibit on the Microtek-Technologies Hi-Tech exhibition on March 28th and 29th ("07).

-         Ruchama Raber joined IL Photonics assuming the position of Sales administrator.

-         Attached is the updated product list.


Special price for this offer that is limited to 5 cameras worldwide: 4650 Euro DDP, your office in Israel; Expected delivery: 70 days after the confirmation of the order.


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