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This month’s Highlights:



Offer Astronomy filters, professional quality at reasonable prices.


Lasers + Light sources

Laser-diodes that will be available soon

650nm / 50mw (Sep 5)

850nm / 10mw (Sep 5)


808nm / 1W (Mid Sep)


642nm / 100mw (End Sep.)
980nm / 700mw  (end Oct)


650nm / 100mw (end Dec)
650nm / 200mw (end Dec)


The aziza 355nm laser is one of Laser Quantum's new product launches for summer 2009. (via RM Photonics)



4MPx UV camera sensitivity till deep UV 193-400nm at a reasonable price.


5mpx Monochrome camera’s starting at $725 + $89 shipping costs.



Introducing Spequest  a system that Characterizes of Solar Cells



IL Photonics started to represent that makes MCT bulk material that can rather easily be made into IR detectors, and also into array detectors.

Applications include:


IR detection

Heat seek detectors

IR Imaging

1-D Arrays



Fiber Optics

Power combiners that combines power from 2 fibers into one fiber (with larger dia or larger NA) keeping brightness almost the same.


More News


There will be a meeting on Electro-Optics in Tel Aviv on Sep 3. More info here: IL Photonics will exhibit and lecture on High Power Vecsl Arrays.


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Featured company


EOT - Electro-Optics Technology, Inc (via RM Photonics)


EOT has been supplying enabling components and diagnostic equipment worldwide for manufacturers and users of high power laser systems for over 22 years. EOT specifically focuses on OEM and custom applications utilizing an experienced group of engineers and technicians that work closely with customers from the beginning of the customers project and follow it all the way through to production. Additionally, EOT has the facilities, equipment and quality systems necessary to satisfactorily ensure that products meet critical customer specifications. Current products include Faraday rotators/isolators and fiber collimators for use with laser diodes, fiber lasers and solid-state lasers and photo-detectors used to monitor the output of pulsed, mode-locked and externally modulated cw lasers.

Product examples

Wavelength Tunable Faraday Isolators

1030-1080 High Power Faraday Rotators and Isolators

1030-1080nm Fiber Isolators


Amplified FAST detectors


High Power Fiber Collimators


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