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Vibration Isolation


Test and Measurements

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IL Photonics general news

Vibration Isolation


L Photonics is proud to announce the appointment as local agent of www.Herzan.com , CA, USA. Herzan is a

leader in  high performance environmental solutions for precision research instruments.

This includes acoustic enclosures, vibration isolation systems, EMI Isolation and site survey tools,

Specialize in supporting nanotechnology research.


Active Vibration Control, AVI-400 installed with Zeiss Sigma VP (PSU)

acoustic enclosures, using AEK 2002



Get your free 355nm or 1064nm laser from www.crylas.de by participating with the below raffle before October 31st



New website : http://www.new.accesslaser.com/ of http://www.accesslaser.com/ CO2 lasers

CNI new released water-cooled DPSS (diode pumped solid state) Q-swtiched lasers at  532nm, 589nm and 660nm.






·        High peak power

·        High repetition rate

·        Short pulse duration

·        High stability


·        HPL-532-Q: marking; laser landmark; carving; silicon chip and solar thin-film processing; semiconductor materials processing

·        HPL-589-Q: laser positioning; laser navigation; atmospheric remote sensing; astronomical observation; biological and medical treatment

·        HPL-660-Q: measurement; research; laser treatment; laser cosmetology



Test and Measurements

IL Photonics is proud to announce the appointment as local agent of http://www.leaptronix.com/English/index.html ,

Taiwan. A high quality, good price/perfromance supplier of :





Universal Gang4 Programmer


LP-456 is ultra-speedy universal 4x48 pin-drive concurrent

production programmer. You can just use the general type

adapters on the market for efficient multiprogramming


Four independent universal programming pin-driver

in one unit.

Provides with DUT 75MHz bandwidth and < ±2.5nS

signal skew. In addition to the high processing

speed, you can verify whether the devices working

frequency meet their specifications.

Provides Hands-free Operation. The asynchronous

and concurrent operation allows a chip to begin

programming immediately upon insertion of chip.

The operator just take off the finished device and

inserts a new device.

Provides mass-production-oriented software. There

is used a Project file to control LP-456 to minimize

the operator error. Moreover, it provides programming

history and yield statistic for needs of production


Provides insertion test and contact check before


General type adapter can be used on LP-456, save

money and convenience.

Logic Analyzer




Timing Analysis   500MHz

Bandwidth          200MHz

Channels            32CH

Storage Depth per Channel    

1M bits x 32CH




Digital Oscilloscopes

DSO Series (25-200MHz)

DSO-3202B  200MHz BW 

1Gsps 50Gsps 2.4Mpts


And other products including:


Universal Gang4 and Stand Alone Programmer

EPROM eraser

Linear IC Tester

Handy IC Tester, Flash Writer

Emulators- Flash, In-Circuit

Impulse Winding Tester

Programmable Power Supply

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 200MHz

Logic Analyzer

Training System (Embedded System-ARM 9, CPLD, FPGA)

ADSL Line Simulator

Automatic programming machine (mass production)

l Gang 4 Programmer

Raman Spectroscopy

Model Raman2012-785 Raman Spectrometer,  includes the detector, fiber spectrometer, electronics,

probe and laser technologies that provides users with a remarkably sensitive system for demanding low-light

level Raman spectroscopy, which is widely used for the biological and medical fields to research material

composition determination and confirmation.





·        Diversity of sampling material

·        No contact, no damage test

·        High speed test result

·        Software control

·        Water soluble material test


·        Biomedical

·        Food and pharmacy

·        Petrochemicals and nanotechnology

·        Investigative and Forensic

·        Mineral exploration

·        Gem identification

·        Archeology

·        Environmental science


 Model number


Laser output power

500mW (50600mW adjustable)

Laser wavelength


Laser wavelength stability


Laser power stability

2% (2hrs)

Laser lifetime


Raman shifting range




Dark noise

3 RMS counts

Dynamic range

7.5*109 (system)25,000:1 for a single acquistion

Integration time

10 ms to 10 minutes

Power-up time

10 seconds

Internal power supply

Chargeable Li battery, continuous operating time 3hrs

Open Raman data base


Data inputs/outputs


Relative analysis


  Illumination+ Machine Vision


depth Bandwidth

High Power Simple Dome Illumination with latest power LED

The MORITEX® MSDC series was developed especially to meet the requirements of the food, chemical and pharmaceutical packaging industries as well as increasingly demanding electronic component inspection applications.





MORITEX® MCEP-CW8-070-3 Series:
High Power LED Spot Illumination



By employing state of the art high-power LEDs and our unique heat dissipation technology that enhances luminance efficiency greatly, the new MORITEX® MCEP-CW8-070-3 series achieves triple illuminance compared to our conventional models.






LDDC Universal LDD Controller


The Lumina Power Laser Diode Driver Controller (LDDC) provides a means of controlling all types of laser diode driver supplies. It allows the ability to easily control current levels, pulse modes, and interlock controls as well as monitor voltage and current levels from the driver. The LDDC provides an easy user interface for manual control and readout as well as USB connectivity for remote computer control.


IDQ’s id800-TDC is an 8-channel time-to-digital converter. This system is used to transfer the time-tags of registered events with picoseconds precision and at high rates to a PC. Additionally, it can count single and multiple channel coincident events at even higher rates internally and convey those to a PC.

>> Read more




Quadrant Thermopile detectors

with 4 different filters

to enable efficient

gas and/or

temperature analyses.






Gil Goldfarb joins the IL Photonics team as Sales and service engineer, his main responsibility will be in expanding the Motion Control and Test and Measurement Portfolio.


IL Photonics will exhibit at the Opto Tech 2013 exhibition 07-08/05 2013 in Tel Aviv


IL Photonics added an additional phone line: 077-3240205 


IL Photonics received ISO 9001:2008 license number 370850





CRYSTECH Inc. was established in May 2000, and is located in Qingdao between Beijing and Shanghai. It is a world leading manufacturer and inventor in the Crystals, Optics and Opto-Electronics field, it intends to develop and manufacture excellent crystals and optical components .


Thus far, CRYSTECH has around 150 staff and more than 10,000 square meters working space (including the workshop). More than 40% of our staff members are engineers and experts, who are dedicated to research and development of new products as well as continual improvement of the quality. Our staff's contribution helps our products continue to stand on the world's leading position. The advanced crystal coating deposition process, modern facilities and excellent employees ensure


CRYSTECH to be able to supply the highest quality products. Moreover, we’ve also established complete quality control and customer supporting systems. All the products would be strictly inspected before shipping from CRYSTECH. Further, CRYSTECH sales team can provide timely supports to the crystals, optical application and coating service. More than 70% of our high quality products are exported to different countries such as the United States, Germany, Japan, etc.


CRYSTECH is capable of supplying a large quantity of KTP crystals with high damage coatings to meet the tough requirement from both the OEM and R&D customers. By far, the company has finished a large product line for growing and processing KTP crystals. Currently, CRYSTECH is capable of supplying more than 200,000 pieces/year KTP crystals with different dimensions for different applications. A large number of stock items such as KTP, and other crystals as well as optical components are also


available for you to choose. Recently, CRYSTECH develop the new NLO crystals of GTR-KTP and KTA etc.Now we have

the largest NLO crystals product line in the world, especially KTP crystals. The super quality of GTR-KTP, KTA and BIBO crystals for different application are available.


Thus far, CRYSTECH has 3 sets of Veeco and 1 set of Leybold APS1104 coating systems, now the high damage coating with stable quality for different application is available.


Laser Line Interference Filter

Band pass Filter

Narrowband Filter

Broadband Filter

Hot mirror

Cold mirror


Micro Optics



   E-O crystals RTP
Cr:YAG Pockel Cell

Nd:KGW Ti:Sapphire Yb:YAG


Green Laser Core(DPM) Green Laser kits
Blue Laser Kits Red Laser kits


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